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Upper Limb Prosthesis

We offer complete upper-limb prostheses solutions for every amputation level and every need.

What is Upper Limb Prosthesis?


Upper limb prosthetics outcomes differ from lower limb prosthetics. Most of the time our need is just to create a cosmetic prosthesis to replace the lost limb. This we do by matching the skin tone and the size of the had as best as possible. Also creating a comfortable fitting arm to use as a lever while doing everyday tasks. While bionic prosthetics are available in South Africa the technology is still being perfected and if not setup perfectly the limb is more of a burden than an attribution. For this reason we only do Semi functional and cosmetic Upper limb prosthetics.

 Upper limb prosthesis can be active or passive. Active is when the prosthesis is controlled through a body harness or using Myolectrics for hand, wrist and elbow. It essentially mimics normal limb function with an externally powered prosthesis and reacts to electrical signals generated naturally by the patient’s muscles.

Fingers or partial hand (transcarpal)

At the wrist (wrist disarticulation)

Below the elbow (transradial)

At the elbow (elbow disarticulation)

Above the elbow (transhumeral)

At the shoulder (shoulder disarticulation)

Above the shoulder (forequarter)

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