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Upper Limb Prosthetic Solutions

Complete upper-limb prosthetic solutions for every amputation level and every need

Lower Limb Prosthetic Solutions

Custom designed and custom made Lower Extremity Prosthesis for Through Knee, Below Knee, Through Shoulder, Above Elbow, Below Elbow and Through wrist Amputees

Pediatric Prosthetics

We understand the Prosthetic needs of children is very different adults experiencing a similar condition and have Innovative prosthetic components, materials, and technology options available to pediatric amputees.

Breast Prosthetics

If you decide that breast reconstruction isn’t right for you but still want a breast shape, a prosthesis can help you look balanced without surgery.

Upper Limb Prosthesis

We offer  complete upper-limb prostheses solutions for every amputation level and every need.

Lower Limb Prosthesis

We will guide you through your choices about product and fit. Knowing more about how a prosthesis works will help ensure we get the best fit for you.

Breast Prosthesis

We offer a variety of Mastectomy Breast Forms to cater for individual patient needs; including size, shape, texture and colour.

Bionic Prosthesis

The science of bionic prosthetics is here. More about Bionic Prosthesis available soon! 

Our Prosthetic Service Solutions


We are a team of highly experienced prosthetists that works closely with multidisciplinary health professionals to establish a customized treatment pathway for each of our clients.  We maintain close relationships with global prosthetic technology groups allowing us early access to the latest technological developments in both prosthetic components and manufacturing technology.

The loss of a limb is undoubtedly a traumatic experience for a patient. It impacts every aspect of a patients life; psychological, physical and social. It takes great courage, inspiration, and support to regain the confidence and trust in the new prosthesis.

There are two fundamental steps that is used in the doctor-patient partnership when a constructing a new prosthesis. Teach us about your life. Share with us your expectations and goals. In turn, we will teach you how to use your prosthetics to achieve it. The most important part of the patient’s consultation is telling us their expectations. We will use this information and create goals to work towards.

Based on the position and degree of limb loss, we will determine and advise to which level we would be able to match capabilities to the patient’s needs. Educating the patient on the day-to-day care of the prosthesis is important to allow the for habitual adjustments.

Our certified and experienced technicians will create the prosthesis according to expectation and ensure that the fit is measured to support posture, balance, and comfort. Once the prosthesis has been crafted, we need to achieve a perfect fit to avoid further complications and ensure comfort for your full daily routine. 

We recommend regular follow-up consultations for feedback on fit, comfort and prosthetic impact assessments to tend to adjustments and corrections.

What do we offer?

When it comes to prosthetics and orthotic products the range is quite extensive.  We can assist patients with all types of prosthetics and orthotic products depending on their medical requirements. We manufacture and fit all types of custom bracing, prosthetic’s and orthotic products. Our attention to detail doesn’t just lies with our skills in the manufacturing part but cover across the board from the rehabilitation of the patient to the end result.

We provide specialist consutling for every case over and above the commonly referred to Prosthetic products below:


Shoulder Disarticulation

Above Elbow (Transhumeral)

Partial Foot Amputation

Below Elbow (Tranhumeral)

Above Knee (Transfemoral

Elbows Disarticulation

Hemipelvectomy (Transpelvic)

Ankle Disarticulation

Metacarpal Amputation

Hip Disarticulation

Wrist Disarticulation

Breast Amputation (Masectomy)

Partial Hand Amputation

Through Knee Amputation

Below Knee (Transtibial)

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