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Lower Limb Prosthesis

We will guide you through your choices about product and fit. Knowing more about how a prosthesis works will help ensure we get the best fit for you.

What is Lower Limb Prosthesis?

Lower Prosthetics presents different challenges to the patient because of the constant state of pressure that is applied between the limb and the suspended prosthetic. The impact of a prosthetic has a profound impact to the patient’s mobility and, rarely noticed in everyday life.

The look and feel is often so realistic that even on close inspection it not be noticed and presents no clues when walking, running and jumping. All of these characteristics boosts the patients confidence and ability to function in society without being noticed. Patients can now do everyday activities like cycling, home maintenance and even carry grocery bags without discomfort. This radically increases a sense of empowerment and independence. 

Using a lower limb prosthetic to its full capacity does require the patient having to be being aware of the fit and consistent comfort of the suspended prosthesis. A prosthesis must be fix firmly to allow for natural stance waking and sitting.

 Choosing the type of prosthesis will depend on the patients current and future activities in line with his or her physical abilities.

Below or Above the know Prosthesis types:

Trans Femoral (Above Knee)

The basic above knee prosthesis are usually made up of the following:

  • The socket and it’s interface.
  • The suspension mechanism.
  • The knee unit
  • The shank (pylon).
  • The prosthetic foot.
Trans Tibial (Below Knee)

The basic below knee prosthesis are usually made up of the following

  • The sockets and it’s interface.
  • The suspension mechanism.
  • The shank (pylon).
  • The prosthetic foot.
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