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Breast Prosthesis

We offer a variety of Mastectomy Breast Forms to cater for individual patient needs; including size, shape, texture and colour.

What do we offer?


We offer the full SILIMA range of breast forms and post-mastectomy bras. Our experience with prosthetic breast has taught us that the feel, weight, comfort and to return to a look before amputation is so important for confidence building.


With a professional fitting, the patient’s posture will be restored with weight balance and skin friendly breast forms. The SILIMA prosthetic breast is elastic and adopts to body temperature avoiding discomfort on hot and cold days. It can even be worn when swimming in the sea or chlorinated pool for all-round confidence.

Breast Prosthesis

For some women, wearing a prosthesis may be a temporary choice prior to reconstruction (creation of a new breast shape using surgery). Other women may choose not (or be unable) to have breast reconstruction and find wearing a prosthesis an effective and suitable long-term choice. Some women choose not to have a reconstruction or use a prosthesis.

 We offer the full Silima range of breast forms as well as post-mastectomy bras.

Different types of Breast Prosthetics

Partial or shaped prosthesis

A partial prosthesis is for women who have had part of their breast removed. It’s worn inside a bra and is shaped to fill out the breast outline. It’s made of the same silicone material as most full breast prostheses.

Shell prosthesis

This type of partial prosthesis may be used if your breasts are different in size from each other. It’s a soft ‘shell’ of silicone that fits over your smaller breast so that it matches the larger one. This type of Prosthesiscan also be useful for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery where symmetry has not been achieved, or if an implant is in the process of being expanded.

Stick-on prosthesis

A stick-on prosthesis (full or partial) sticks directly onto the skin. These can suit women who are active, or who want to wear a less supportive bra as not all of the weight is taken by the bra. They can also be worn with strapless dresses and tops if the clothing is supportive enough. Most women will be advised not to wear a stick-on prosthesis for the first few months after surgery or during (and sometimes after) radiotherapy as it may damage the skin. Most have a sticky surface as part of the prosthesis itself that can be worn attached directly to the chest wall or as a regular prosthesis with a protective backing in place.

Full or standard prosthesis

This prosthesis is designed to go straight against the chest wall where all breast tissue has been removed so the back of it is flat. It’s matched in size and shape to your remaining breast. If you’ve had both breasts removed you can select the size you feel most comfortable with.

We provide the following standard breast forms:

The Slimia Range
  • Silima Soft and Light symmetrical
  • Slima soft and light heart shaped
  • Slima Ultra light Symmetrical (post-operative up to 30% or 60% lighter than conventional types)
  • Silima Fiberfill Breast forms (postoperative)
  • Silima Triform Light Symmetrical
  • Silima Conform
  • Silima Shell
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